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黑人常在一句話裡面說到 hood....是什麼意思呀?

我忘記她怎麼說的了 不過一個sentence 裡面

會有hood 出現 @_@..... correct me if it\'s not hood.


Dear Feihong,

I think you misunderstood my question. ><

well, i heard P. Miller said something something hood when he talked. Therefore, I was wondering why black ppl use "hood" when they speak.

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    黑人常在一句話裡面說到 hood:

    1.多數黑人聚集的一區,或黑人稱自己的家."There's a party on in the hood tonight." 今晚這裡有個 轟趴

    Yo man this weekend I was chilling in the hood.週末差點在這鬼地方被打死了


  • Jason
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    1 decade ago

    "hood" is the shorthand of "neighborhood"

    It basically means area, place, domain, etc.

    It's usually used in sentences like: "Welcome to my hood."

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    To: 小S

    In this case, I totally agree with aviarome's explanatioon :) and yes, "hood" does bear similar meaning to "place"..

    2006-01-31 16:07:19 補充:

    and hence I happily withdraw my answer :)

  • Yeh S
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    1 decade ago

    所以hood 是類似 "place" 的意思囉?

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