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    1.靈魂(被很多人認為人死後不滅) the part of a person which many people believe continues to exist after you die.(=spirit)

    -->She suffered greatly while she was alive, so let us hope her soul is now at peace.

    2. 靈魂(非生理上, 且能經歷深刻的情感)the part of a person which is not physical and experiences deep feelings and emotions:

    -->"I will put my heart and soul into the job," he promises.

    3. 靈魂(人或藝術作品的特質, 可以表現或產生深刻的情感)the quality of a person or work of art which shows or produces deep good feelings:

    -->If you can't enjoy this music you've got no soul.

    -->For me her paintings somehow lack soul.

    4.人 person

    -->Don't tell a soul.


    1.精神; 思考`感覺`行為表現的某種方式, 可以代表某一群人, 某個運動, 某個時代或某地方 a particular way of thinking, feeling or behaving, especially a way that is typical of a particular group of people, an activity, a time or a place:

    -->a spirit of cooperation

    -->team spirit

    -->the spirit of the age

    2.(法律的制定所要強調的)原則; 精神 the principle which a law/rule, etc. was created to strengthen, rather than the particular things it says you must or must not do:

    -->the spirit of the law

    3.精神; 勇氣與決心 courage and determination

    -->You've got to admire her spirit.

    4.spirits(要用複數形):情緒 the way you are feeling, for example whether you are happy or sad

    -->The children were all in high spirits.

    5. 精神; 心智; 心靈(相對於身體, 許多宗教上都認為在人死後依然存在) a person's mind, including their thoughts and feelings; the characteristics of a person that are considered as being separate from the body, and which many religions believe continue to exist after the body dies.

    -->I'm 85, but I still feel young in spirit.

    -->Although he's now living in America, I feel he's with me in spirit.

    6.靈魂; 鬼魂 the form of a dead person, similar to a ghost, or the presence of a dead person which you can feel but not see

    根據字典的解說, 我的分析如下:

    soul和spirit有時是一樣的, 都可指"靈魂"(上述soul之1.與spirit之6.)


    spirit指人(願意努力做某事, 能感受)的精神或態度,

    或指就某團體`某運動`某時代, 或某地方而言, 人們(藉由思想`感受`行為)表現出的某種精神; 或指法律之制定所根據的原則和精神 ==>比較理性

    soul指人(能夠體會或表現出深刻`強烈情感與價值)的(高尚)靈魂, 或指藝術作品具有的(能表現出深刻`強烈情感的)靈魂 ==>比較感性(沒有靈魂, 不就等於死去?生與死的區別, 自然是極為深刻!)

    Source(s): Cambridge Dictionary, Longman Active Study Dictionary, Collins Cobuild Dictionary
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    Spirit and Soul...  both terms refer to an intangible part of a person's being.Actually neither are something one can see or measure, and both could have several meanings, depending on how one wants to use the word.Spirit could refer to that part of a person that is thought by christians to be immortal. It is believed that when one dies, the body returns to the dust while the spirit goes on to live with god and will remain for all eternity. The word spirit could also be used to refer to a personality type. Once again, while it is hard to measure, it refers to a quality of strength, independence, individuality and courage to "do one's own thing" apart from the normal path of the masses. It is often referred to as "having spirit"..a sort of fire of the human character. Animals can also have this characteristic as well."The champion rode a spirited steed" (referring to his horse)"She was a spirited girl"Spirit, in the western world, is a very positive characteristic for a person to have, and is closely associated with traits that make for a successful individual.Soul is another term that is often used in christianity to describe this undying essence of the person. It is believed that the soul is the real person..what one really is..and that the body is just a vessel to carry the soul. Soul can also be used loosely to describe a depth of feeling or of emotion that can be translated into strong affinity for music, art or other "cool" things. To "have soul" is to be able to transcend what everyone else thinks is cool (which usually is not!) and to see what really is. "You cant really appreciate blues music unless you have soul"Soul has in the past been closely associated with the african american community of the United States, although it would be racist to assume that this characteristic is unfound in other races as well.

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    What is the difference between the spirit and the soul? Mankind is made up of many different aspects. These aspects are divided into two facets, the material and the immaterial. This division is described from the very moment that God created Adam. In Genesis 2:7, God made man from the dust of the earth. These particles, therefore, make up the material part of man. Then God breathed the breath of life into Adam. This is then the immaterial part of man.

    The word "spirit," refers only to the immaterial facet of man. Mankind has a spirit, but we are not a spirit. However, in Scripture, only believers, those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, are said to be "spiritually alive" (1 Corinthians 2:11; Hebrews 4:12; James 2:26). Unbelievers are "spiritually dead" (Ephesians 2:1-5; Colossians 2:13). In Paul's writing the "spirit" was pivotal to the spiritual life of the believer (1 Corinthians 2:14; 3:1; 15:45; Ephesians 1:3; 5:19; Colossians 1:9; 3:16). The spirit is the element in man which gives him the ability to have an intimate relationship with God. Whenever the word "spirit" is used, it refers to the immaterial part of man including his spirit and soul.

    The word "soul" refers not only to the immaterial part of man but the material part as well. Unlike man having a "spirit," man is a soul. In its most basic sense the word "soul" means "life." However, the Bible moves beyond "life" and into many areas. One of those areas is to man's eagerness to sin (Luke 12:26). Man is naturally evil and his soul is tainted as a result. The life principle is removed at the time of physical death (Genesis 35:18; Jeremiah 15:2). The "soul" as with the "spirit," is the center of many spiritual and emotional experiences (Job 30:25; Psalm 43:5; Jeremiah 13:17). Whenever the word "soul" is used, it can refer to the whole person, alive or after death.

    you can go there to see complete imformation.

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    Soul 比較單純意指 一般生物的靈魂

    Spirit就不一樣囉. 能夠指 較高級的靈或是不好的東西, 如Bad spirit(惡靈).

    超好的朋友: soul mate.

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    Soul 純粹 " 心靈或靈魂 " ㄉ意思

    Spirit 表示抱持強烈執行或努力決心ㄉ " 精神,心靈 " ㄉ意思


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