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    Chairman: It is too pretty a day to be so unhappy. Did you fall down? Why so shy? Nothing to be ashamed of, we all stumble from time to time. Do you see that enchanting lady in green? Once when she was just a myiko, she fell clean off her wooden shoes.


    Geisha in Green: [laughs] It's true I did.

    Chairman: And now look at her, so elegant...

    Geisha in Green: Mr. Chairman, shouldn't we hurry? We will miss the beginning.

    Chairman: We see the spring dances every year, we can spare a moment. What's your name? Don't be afraid to look at me. Do you like sweet plum or cherry?

    Chiyo: You eat?

    Chairman: I like sweet plum myself. Come. None of us find as much kindness in this life, as we should. My children wait for these every spring.

    [hands her the ice and spoon.]

    Chiyo: [looks at geisha by the tree, smears some of the cherry ice on her lips.] Now I'm a geisha too.

    Chairman: [laughs] And so you are. How did you come by such surprising eyes?

    Chiyo: My mother gave them to me.

    Chairman: Generous of her, wasn't it?

    Chiyo: As you have been to me.

    Chairman: Smile for me, won't you?

    [Chiyo smiles for him.]

    Chairman: There now, that is your gift to me.

    [hands Chiyo his handkerchief with the change inside.]

    Chairman: This will buy your supper. Now promise me one thing, next time you take a frowns.

    [Chiyo nods]

    Chairman: That's better.

    [leaves with geisha]


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