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    The Call of Wild


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    THE CALL OF THE WILDJack London's Call of the Wild is considered by many to be a literary masterpiece and for good reason. The New York Times Booklist has declared it one of the "100 Greatest Pieces of Literature from the 20th Century". From the first page London vividly describes every nuance

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    and detail in the life of the canine protagonist, Buck, who is dognapped from his life of luxury and thrown into the harsh and unforgiving Alaskan tundra. London thoughtfully develops a host of characters that further the story and teach Buck valuable lessons. The story is filled with

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    action, tragedy, love, and the primordial forces of nature. In the Yukon, Buck makes up part a dogsled team that is responsible for delivering the mail, which marks the first step in his rapid evolution from a domestic pampered pooch, to a cunning, and perfected canine specimen that

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    is one with nature. London demonstrates the value of careful research and planning in his adventurous and action-packed masterpiece. Every historical detail is accurate, and every occurrence highly plausible. His seamless integration of characters (human or canine) allows the reader

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    to take a glimpse into the frozen world just as it was shortly before the turn of the century. However, it is in his writing regarding the mysterious "call [of the wild]" that London truly shines. These passages are greatly enriched by a rawness that is so often forgotten in

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    As Buck begins to respond to "the call", he embraces his lupine heritage more and more.

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    It is the illustration of this transformation that sets Call of the Wild apart.

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