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請問電影<American Beauty>裡面的一首歌

有一首The Seeker ,我想知道歌詞,有人能提供嗎??

1 Answer

  • 文玉
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    The Seeker I've looked under chairsI've looked under tablesI've tried to find the keyTo fifty million fableschorus:They call me The SeekerI've been searching low and highI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I dieI asked Bobby DylanI asked The BeatlesI asked Timothy LearyBut he couldn't help me eitherchorusPeople tend to hate me'Cause I never smileAs I ransack their homesThey want to shake my handFocusing on nowhereInvestigating milesI'm a seekerI'm a really desperate manI won't get to get what I'm afterTill the day I dieI learned how to raise my voice in angerYeah, but look at my face, ain't this a smile?I'm happy when life's goodAnd when it's bad I cryI've got values but I don't know how or whyI'm looking for meYou're looking for youWe're looking in at otherAnd we don't know what to dochorus

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