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    clothes(n.) 衣服、服裝複數名詞,表多數時則用 a suit(two suits) of clothes 的形式常指比較具體的衣服,包括套裝(suit)、女(童)裝(dress)、夾克(jacket)、襯衫(shirt)、短衫(blouse)、長袍(gown)等,但不能指某一件衣服例:Clothes made by my mother suit me well. 媽媽給我做的衣服都很合身。clothing(n.) 衣類集合名詞,衣服的總稱,包括能穿在身上的各種衣服,含意較 clothes 廣泛沒有複數形式例:There are many people lacking of food and clothing in the world. 世界上有很多人吃不飽穿不暖。

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  • 那位打了一大堆英文的人士,我的英文程度很爛,有很多地方看不懂,可是我登入要選最佳解答的時候,只剩下一天的時間,來不及請您翻成中文。



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    Clothes and Clothing...  Both terms are used to refer to articles worn on one's body for decorative or protective purposes. Both are very similar, and refer to such articles in general. The use of the two words in a sentence can be more or less the same. Just depends on which one you want to use. The only difference is a very slight one. Clothes can be used in a slightly more specific way..(i.e. seperate articles which make up a whole..) Clothing refers almost in all cases to the vast body of garments that are out there... Hope this helps!

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    things such as dresses and trousers that you wear to cover, protect or decorate your body


    clothes, especially of a type made to protect the wearer against heat, water or machinery

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