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\"rabbit foot\"翻成中文為什麼是護身符的意思?


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    The belief that a rabbit's foot is lucky seems to have become a commonplace of American popular culture, but at one time in the past this belief was considered a Southern superstition, specifically one of strictly African-American origin. And from what i have read in older books on folklore, in earlier decades, it was only the left hind foot of the rabbit that was considered lucky and the bearer had to rub it to activate the luck. In addition, some people back then believed that the rabbit掇 foot was a source of protective magic in addition to bringing good fortune. 我把以上網站翻譯如下,應該就說得很清楚了。把兔子的腳視為幸運的象徵似乎成為了美國普遍的文化, 但從前這信仰被認為美國南方人的迷信, 並被認為非裔美國人(黑人)特別信這一套。根據我讀到的早期民間傳說指出, 幾十年前,只有兔子左後腿被認為具有幸運的力量, 持有這個免子腳幸運符的人必常常摩擦它來活化幸運的力量。此外, 那時很多人相信兔子腳除了帶來好運外,還可有神奇的保護魔力,可帶來財運呢。

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