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    As long as we live, we must dedicate our whole to the goodness, to the progress of humankind, of the whole world, of the whole universe. Our vision must be so large, larger than life, must be so noble that we having nothing else to lose. We fear nothing in such greatness of a vision.

    Every obstacle becomes so small, every personal inconvenience becomes so meaningless in such a vision. I do not feel that we are talking like a dream or just making a vision, but I feel that it will come true someday. It might have already begun to take root, but it will have to branch forth into all directions and make new buds, new flowers, new branches. It has to grow larger, greater, faster and envelope the whole world with the spirit of love and service, unconditional service.

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    友誼是impotant 關係的當中一個在人之間。以我所見, frienship 根據信任和通信。信任和通信影響得互相。信任在友誼意味信仰彼此。如果沒有信任在朋友之間, 關係然後不屬於友誼。互相相信分享他們的故事和情感是或愉快或哀傷的朋友。當朋友分享這些故事和情感, 他們通信。有中國成語, "友誼以優良品質被品嘗因為水和這是通信在靈魂之間。" 它意味真正的友誼不容易地是深的我們的心臟, 對品嘗作為是非常甜的蜂蜜。如果frienship 是甜的作為蜂蜜, 它不能是持久的為太長。甜蜂蜜無法容易地用人民每天。由對比, 人們喝水everday, 正確? 我猜測它是為什麼人們說"soulmates" 。在我的經驗, 它不是太容易以至於不能找到對您真正地關心的一個真正的朋友。人關心您不做事危害您, 但是他們幫助您和鼓勵您。人們在我們的社會現在演奏精神戰太多。frienships 在人之間現在不是好的作為以前。真可惜!

    Friendship is one of the most impotant relationships between people. In my opinion, frienship is based on trust and communication. Trust and communication affect to each other. Trust in friendship means beliefs of each other. If there's no trust between friends, then the relationship does not belong to friendship. Friends who believe each other share their stories and emotions that are either happy or sad. When friends share these stories and emotions, they communicate. There's a Chinese idiom, " The friendship with good quality is tasted as water and it's the communication between souls." It means the real friendship is in deep of our hearts, not easily to tasted as honey that is very sweet. If the frienship is sweet as honey, it may not be lasting for too long. Sweet honey cannot easily be used to people everyday. By the contrast, people drink water everday, right? I guess it's why people say "soulmates". In my experiences, it's not too easy to find a real friend who really cares about you. The people care you don't do things to harm you, but they do help you and encourage you. People in our society is playing mind games too much now. The frienships between people now is not good as before. What a pity!

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