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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago







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  • 2 decades ago
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    1.The weather today is worse than last day.

    2. It's october now and the torrid summer has gone.

    3. It's raining heavily and the sky is getting dark.

    2006-01-28 19:29:49 補充:

    在英國唸大學時, 常聽到last用法。因為很好用又好唸。last time, last morning, last night, and last degree. 我想comma是可以跟and使用的。以我前年在準備GMAT時,曾經探討過這個問題過。 當然,在慣性用法上,使用comma+and最後是用在3各以上的名詞為佳。ex. a,b, and c. 為何動詞不建議用and?因為在GMAT裡,我們求簡潔,遇到需表示2個以上動詞時,我們不喜愛用連接詞,偏好使用分辭省略或是更艱深的動詞以求準確精簡。 對學術語言來說,精簡是美德。希望能釐清您的觀念。感謝。

    2006-01-28 19:36:58 補充:

    再做註一下。1. The weather today is worse that (the weather is) last day.句子省略做精簡呈現。2. 應該ok3. 為求前後一致,故前後動詞選擇重視狀態的BE動詞。 Getting darker and darker絕對正確。 但是為求不要有wordy的嫌疑。 我個人認為getting dark即可。getting即有"越來越"的意思。不需要再用比較級強調。 ex。 whether or not, "or not"這裡是廢話, 不多人知道這個。精簡是美德。

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    2 decades ago


    The weather today is worse than yesterday.


    (1) It's October now, and also the end of the hot summer.

    (2) It's October currently, and the hot summer is finished.


    The rain is very heavy, and the sky is getting dark.

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    2 decades ago

    1.今天的天氣比昨天更不好。Today’s weather is worse than yesterday. 2.現在是十月,炎熱的夏天結束了。It is October now and the heat of summer has ended.3.雨下的很大,而且天空變的越來越暗。The shower is pouring heavily and the sky is getting darker and darker.

    2006-01-26 16:18:20 補充:

    豆點 和 and 不能同時用啦!

    2006-01-26 16:19:53 補充:

    昨天 = last day? 沒聽過...

  • 2 decades ago

    1. The weather is getting worse than yesterday.

    2. It's October, and the hot summer was gone.

    3. The rain is heavy, and the sky is getting more and more dark.

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