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    [ti:yellow][ar:coldplay][al:][by:Brain][00:33.76]Look at the stars; look how they shine for you[00:41.92]And everything you do[00:48.13]Yeah, they were all yellow[00:50.52]I came along; I wrote a song for you[00:58.80]And all the things you do[01:04.61]And it was called yellow[01:09.62]So then I took my turn[01:15.25]Oh what a thing to have done[01:21.07]And it was all yellow[01:29.66]Your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones[01:34.63]Turn into something beautiful[01:39.90]D'you know?[01:42.88]You know I love you so[01:48.23]You know I love you so[02:13.11]I swam across; I jumped across for you[02:21.24]Oh what a thing to do[02:26.94]'Cos you were all yellow[02:29.54]I drew a line; I drew a line for you[02:37.81]Oh what a thing to do[02:43.50]And it was all yellow[02:52.40]And your skin, oh yeah your skin and bones[02:57.98]Turn into something beautiful[03:03.78]D'you know?[03:05.98]For you I bleed myself dry[03:11.39]For you I bleed myself dry[03:13.82]It's true[03:35.75]It's true[03:39.21]Look how they shine for you[03:44.68]Look how they shine for you[03:50.26]Look how they shine for?[03:56.03]Look how they shine for you[04:01.29]Look how they shine for you[04:06.80]Look how they shine[04:09.58]Look at the starsLook how they shine for you[04:18.26]And all the things that you do

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