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艾薇爾一首沒收錄專輯的歌:Falling Down的歌詞

或是Fallen Down吧??


I am falling down


feel so good......

You can watch me....



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    2 decades ago
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    歌名: Falling Down, 歌詞如下:If fears what makes us decide,Our future journey,I'm not along for the ride,Cuz I'm still yearning,To try and touch the sun,My fingers burningBefore you're old you are young,Yeah I'm still learning.[Chorus]I am falling downTry and stop meIt feels so good to hit the groundYou can watch me,Fallin on my face,It's an uphill human race,and I am falling down.I'm standing out in the streetThe earth is movingI feel it under my feetAnd I'm still proveingThat I can stand my ground,And my feet are there, haven't washed my hairToo be lost before you are foundDon't mean you are losing.[Chorus]Some day I'll live in a houseEtcetera, etcetera, etcetera...Don't you know that's not for nowand for now I'm fallingdown...down...down...,down...down...down,down...down...down,Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah oh..[Chorus]I'm falling down,I'm falling down..I'm falling down...I'm falling....

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