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[急] 誰可以幫我翻譯只是因為愛你這首歌到英文?

誰可以幫我翻譯"梁詠琪-只是因為愛你"的歌詞到英文呢?拜託拜託各位了~真的超級超級急!!以下是歌詞:只是因為愛你 可以回答所有的懷疑只是因為愛你 所以付出所有的不在意像空沙發 為誰在等待 等待有個人 會靠過來可是因為愛你 就算在孤單我也不哭冬雨落在我的臉 想念你手心溫暖整個城市裡的人 交換冷淡那一眼誰也沒聽到 在這茫茫人海 有人還堅持說愛存在那是我的愛情 只要你一個人在乎關於永遠 關於我和你 埋在時光恆河 愛沉沉的幸福我不再解釋也沒有更多的理由 因為我已想清楚因為那麼的愛你 所以我原諒了你離去一切只是因為愛你 忘了所有傷害雖然有時候 心裡的委屈也想有人讓我 在他懷裡 聽他說"因為有我在愛你 所以你不會再寂寞"...OH~寂寞!!



只是因為愛你 Only because I love you

可以回答所有的懷疑 May answer all the suspicion


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    Just because I love you All of the doubt has an answer

    Just because I love you So I care about every little thing

    Like an empty sofa sitting there waitng waiting for someone to lean on me

    Just because I love you I can be strong to hold those lonely tears

    Winter rain drops on my face I miss your warm hands

    Everyone in town looks cold For nobody can hear that people still believe in love

    That's my love You're the only one that matters

    I don't want to explain no more I've already thought it through

    About forever About me and you

    swimming in the eternalty I can feel this heavy happiness

    Just because I love you so I forgave your leaving me

    Only because I love you so I forgot all those wounds

    Sometimes I feel misunderstood And I want somebody to hold me tight

    In his arms and listen to him wispering to me

    I'm here and I love you so You will be loney no more..... No more....

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