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幫忙寫英文作文.... 急需~..20點~!!!







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    My favorite food

    My favorite food is breads

    When I pass any Bakery I always look for the smell of fresh Breads

    There are so many different breads such like Fresh Mushroom Cheese Bun

    Chocolate Martian Bun salmon Sandwiches.

    At the mean time I like Chinese breads too just like Water-Fried Bun Man-TO etc.

    I think its wonderful to live in Taiwan.

    Because I can eat both Easten and western Breads

    The Way I celebrate Chinese New Year

    For our Chinese ,the Chinese new Year is the Big Day for members of the family

    gathering together.

    So my family celebrate the Chinese New Year in several ways

    First in the eve of the Chinese New Year, my parents will prepare Big meal for supper.

    During the Chinese new yaer we children will go to visit belongings in the neighborhood

    and play wih all my brothers and sisters in law

    And in the Chinese Latern Festival ,we will buy so many fireworks to set off.

    It is very excited but a little dangerous.

    Because the fireworks may cause injured or made something burned.

    So I always take care of setting it.

    I hope I can have such a good time every month.

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    我最愛的食物 My favorite food


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