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Pinpin asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


i don\'t even know that~

i even don\'t know that



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    even 甚至

    例句 1.I helped her find her identification card and she didn't say thank you .


    2.It's npt difficult.Even a child can do it.


    3.He can't even spell his own name.


    4.He's even more handsome than before.


    5.She stole her brother's money and she dosen't even regret it.


    2006-01-25 10:58:38 補充:

    even 平的平滑的 The road wasn't even.這條路不平 一致的 同樣的 整齊的 Her teeth were white and even.她的牙齒潔白而整齊對等的.均等的.相等的 The score is now even 現在得分相等均勻的 平穩的 The car went with an even motion汽車行使平穩恰好的.整整ㄉ Twelve apples makes an even dozen.十二顆蘋果正好一打

    2006-01-25 11:01:40 補充:

    文法 原形 even 形容詞比較級 more even .evener最高級.most .even .evenest原形 even 動詞 過去式 evened過去分詞 evened現在分詞 evening

    2006-01-25 11:10:15 補充:

    作甚至解時,通常置於所修飾的字的前面 修飾動詞時 如有助動詞則置於助動詞之後

    2006-01-25 11:20:32 補充:

    同義詞 平坦的.光滑的level.flat.smooth一致的 相同ㄉsame uniform equal identical甚至.仍然還still yet反義詞 平坦的 齊的 均勻的 偶數irregular uneven odd

    2006-01-25 11:24:35 補充:

    補充even的東東even a worm will turn 老實人也忍不住要反抗even as 正常.正如.正當例句The telephone rang even as he was going out.他剛要外出,電話鈴響了 It happened even as he had expected 事情正如他所料的那樣發生ㄌeven chances vari亦作even某事物是與否的可能性相等

    2006-01-25 11:24:55 補充:

    even field (電腦) 偶圖場even footer(電腦)偶數頁註腳even header(電腦)偶數頁標頭even if=even though雖然.即使even integer.even number偶數even less更不用說.更何況even money.even odds vari 亦作evens 某事物是與否的可能性相等even now甚至到現在 儘管如此

    2006-01-25 11:27:42 補充:

    even out 變得平坦或穩定 相等even parity(電腦)偶數同位(同parity check digit)even parity check(電腦)偶數同位核對even so 即使如此even then甚至到那時 儘管如此

    2006-01-25 11:33:11 補充:

    even up 扯平 使相等evener使平滑者.弄平者evenfall(詩歌用語)薄暮evenhanded公平的even-handed公平的.無偏見的evening傍晚.晚上.娛樂時間evening class (為成人開辦的)夜課evening dress 晚禮服evening edition晚報evening glove過月寸長手套evening gown(女人的)晚禮服

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    ] a. (形容詞 adjective)平的,平坦的,平滑的[(+with)]The road wasn't even.這條路不平。一致的;同樣的;齊的[(+with)]Her teeth were white and even.她的牙齒潔白而整齊。對等的;均等的,相等的The score is now even.現在得分相等。【數】偶數的[Z]均勻的;平穩的The car went with an even motion.汽車行駛平穩。恰好的,整整的Twelve apples makes an even dozen.十二個蘋果正好一打。ad. (副詞 adverb)(加強語氣)甚至;連Even Mrs. Smith could not help laughing.甚至史密斯太太也忍不住笑了起來。(用於比較級前)甚至更,還This book is even more useful than that.這本書比那本甚至還更有用。實際上;甚至可以說He is ready, even eager to go.他樂意甚至可以說渴望前去。vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)使平坦;弄平She evened the edges by trimming them.她把邊緣修齊。使相等Our team evened the score in the last minute.我們隊在最後一分鐘將比分拉平。您是不是還想知道...even aseven ifeven now

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