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能幫忙中翻英嗎 五十句以上上英文課會用的的英文

我們今天就上到這 各位同學在見

這個星期日前 請將報告寄到老師的e-mail



上星期所教的 同學們有不懂的嗎


這段話的意思我不懂 請老師在解釋一遍


各位同學大家晚安 今天一天過的好嗎

上課態度要認真 不遲到早退




你們只要每天不斷練習 自然而然就會進步

我的英文成績 岌岌可危




































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    That is all for today,good-bye students

    Please send in your report to the teacher's e-mail before Sunday

    Please practice with your partner

    Please read this sentence to everyone

    Anyone have questions about the course thought last week?

    When you go back please memorize these words

    I don't really understand this sentence ,would you please explain it again teacher?

    Please use 10 minutes and read this paragraph

    Good evening students,how is today?

    Concentrate in class.Don't be late and don't leave early

    The winter break is coming.What kind of plans do you guys have?

    To master English,practice makes perfect

    Use time sufficiently and don't be lazy

    All you have to do is practice everyday,and you will improve.

    My English score is awful

    Now,lets do our oral practice

    The grammar is difficult this time

    Next Tuesday we will have a test.Please be on time

    These words are all useful ones.Please practice well

    We will test to lesson 3 this time

    Be quiet during class

    Don't cheat during a test

    Ask when you have a question

    We will test the sentences on the book

    The grammar of this sentence is incorrect

    Be careful when you go home in the night

    Don't talk to each other during class

    Please read louder

    The homework is the words of lesson10

    Today's homework is to memorize the words

    Remember to reveiw when you're at home

    Please find your own partner

    Practice with your partner

    Speak loudly when you practice

    Students please go on stage and do your presentation after 10minutes

    You get bonus when you do good

    Please present yourself well

    Please use the microphone

    The test is easy this time

    All you have to do is memorize the text book

    Spend more time study

    Ask the teacher if you have a problem

    Everyone knows my e-mail,right?

    I will write it on the black board incase someone don't know

    Clean the classroom when class is over

    Remember to bring your material to class next week

    Anyone have questions about it?

    Ask next time when you come

    真多阿= =...好累

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    In my opinion,i have discovered few grammar mistakes in first article and second article gets many flaw sentences

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    We have to this today Every classmate was seeing in this week a few days ago Please is it send to e-mail of teacher is it practise the sentence is it read for everybody teaching last week to ask with your partner to ask to report to Classmate is it is it please is it come list these meaning of passage this I know to remember when going back to understand to have Ask the teacher to explain that everybody fit late to ask everybody to have a look at this every classmate of passage in ten minutes once One day of today OK the attitude wants conscientiously on class Do not come late and leave early Reach every classmate have something plan English is it practise application of validity time lazy you will be only doing exercises naturally constantly every day repeatedly constantly to want just soon winter vacation It will be progressive and right my English achievement in imminent danger begins to do syntax this time of conversation exercise and have some complicated examination of next Tuesday now, please be these punctual single characters are all daily vocabularies , be sure to practise the range of examination take lesson three have a class quiet to is it can do coin have issue is it is it is it test sentence of books please these to have an examination to ask to want to have an examination a bit Some sentence translate good syntax is it is it is it please read to late Ann homework will lesson ten single character a little louder to whisper to each other to have a class a bit carefully on the way home after class to make sentences

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    Homework of today to carry single character familiar to is it is it is it is it let good partner and partner is it read aloud ten minutes ask classmate appear on the stage loudly to ask when practising each other by oneself to ask to review to remember to come back home Report

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    Is it is it is it ask classmate is it give play to volunteer please is it please take Mike wind say to appear on the stage to try one's best to divide to add to do well

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    Is it is it is it ask classmate is it give play to volunteer please is it please take Mike wind say to appear on the stage to try one's best to divide to add to do well

    2006-01-24 16:36:52 補充:

    Examination paper this time very simple to carry textbook familiar to take more time is it is it have question ask Mr. to study to come only

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    The teacher's e-mail classmates know that is not clear that I write and ask classmates to put the classroom in order clean after class in the blackboard

    2006-01-24 16:38:12 補充:

    Will have a class and remember leading and saying and discussing and saying that there is something to discuss the content that is not clear that there are questions to come to the school to ask next week lower week

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