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Anonymous asked in 政治與政府法律與道德 · 2 decades ago


英文合約中is placed in the hands of a receiver是什麼意思謝謝



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    我的天哪....這是什麼翻譯....^^這種詞句多半在term and termination的條款中,是指契約中之一方如果產生破產,遭查封等等情事的時候,該契約自動解除,或者另一方可以立即解除(通知或不通知都有規定)在破產的情形之下,會指派破產管理人來接管債務人的財產。因此你那句應該是Shall there be any of the following situation happen to either party, the other party may terminate this Agreement immediately:以下任一情形如發生一任一方,他方得立即終止本約:a.all or part of the the property of that party is placed in the hands of a receiver;or該方全部或部份財產已經移轉於破產管理人控制之下;或b.that party has breached one or more articles of this Agreement;or該方已經違背本約任一或更多條款;或c....(etc)...清楚了嗎?....^^

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    is placed in the hands of a receiver


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