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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


I was born in a middle-class family . Since the childhood the parents pay attention to our education and moral qualities very much, developing the character that we are independence and be responsible for.

My body condition is good,and without the bad habits.I have the patience,persistence and be good at the communication coordination, learn the ability good.The part time work when i am a student,letting me get the social experience.

During the period of school, learn the accounting\'s professional knowledge, foster the careful attitude .The hour after the lesson , i learned the language and computer myself, for strengthen my ability .I always participate my interested activity actively, and make an effort to do .

The work in the hotel lets me grow up a lot; training me how to faced various customer request; and understanding the way of get along with person.Besides,the sharp observation lets me be able to realize guest\'s demand, building the relation of my customer.

I expect my work of the future , I can learn steadily and improve. I believe I can provide the perfect and efficient work quality to your company.I think the zeal of the wrok and responsibility are the most important for every work,so if i can be lucky to into your company, i will do my good job.

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  • 2 decades ago
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    I was born in a middle-class family .During my childhood,my parents paid a lot of attention to our education and moral characters,and also the importance of developing a independent and responsible character.

    My health condition is good.I have patience and persistence,and I'm good at communicational coordination.The part-time work I did when I was a student,gave me a lot of social experience.

    During my school years,I had learned the professional knowledge of accounting,and I had also brought up a careful attitude.In my free time,I learned my second language and the use of computer all by myself.By doing that,I strenghthen my ability to learn.I always participates actively in the activities I'm interested in,and I always paid full effort in doing it.

    The work I had did in the hotel allowed me to grow up a lot,and it trained me to be efficient when facing various requests from different customers, and it also allowed me to understand the way to get along with different people.Besides,my sharp observation lets me to understand a guest's demand.That way, I could build the relation of my customer easily.

    I'm looking forward to my work in the future because I can improve myself and be more steadily. I truely believe that I can provide perfect and efficient work quality to your company.I also believe that the passion of doing a work and the responsibilities are the most important elements for every work .So, if I can be lucky enough to into your company, i will do a good job.


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  • 2 decades ago

    ..... Since my childhood, my parents have emphasized on our education and moral qualities, and helped us to be independent and responsible.

    I have a good health (?) and have no bad habits. I have the patience and persistence to be good at communication coordination, and I have learned well. As a student, I have a part time work, which is how I get social experiences from.

    During my school time, I learned the accounting professional knowledge, and fostered careful attitude. After the lesson, I learned the language and computer by myself in order to strength my ability. I always participate and make effor in what I am interested in.

    I expect my future work to be good, and that Iwill learn steadily and improve my ability.

    I think the most important thing for all work is the zeal and the responsibility . If I can get into your company, I will certainly do a great job.

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