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quotes about simplicity

我正在做一個art project...





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  • naekuo
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    Love, to be looking at photographs of loneliness and laughing at its strength; so weak now in better days. What would I dare for in lover's eyes, simple words of beauty and concern, a taste of tears on tears in mournful wanting of a life free from barbed wire thoughts. Love, to capture smiles and give my own in a passing gesture of heartache; good, pulsing with passions I hold and need to share in everyday movement where I don't crouch forward and rush through the day as if it was the final hours my life expected. Love, to have its simplicity in all its complexity, to know that I have a place inside another's wanting, gracious smiles, to dance on air and not fall flat into the realms of wasted dreams. I can fire my spirit a thousand times and blink away regret as it is caught.

  • rachel
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    1 decade ago

    go to the following quote page and you would find lots of quotations on simplicity. my favorite one is this : "everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." from Einstein.

    good luck on your project!

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