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    Paradise grocery

    I am walking along the highway in life.

    In one day I see that is writing the signboard of ' the paradise grocery ' together.

    As I depend on a little nearer, the shop door is opened greatly, then, I find I am standing in the shop.

    I see large numbers of angels, there is the angel's trace in every locality, one of them pass me a basket, and say: ' my child, buy the things you want prudently . '

    The thing that everyone needs, all have in this grocery, if you have no idea to take away all things, can come back again another day to buy it more.

    First of all, I take some patience, love and it , side by side together , what distant place set free to show understanding even more, no matter where you go, you will need it.

    I have wanted the intelligence of a Liang of boxes , a few bags of faith, I can never miss the holy god , full of the whole place .

    I stop to fetch some strong and courage, this match that help me and finish running.

    Just when my basket is fuller and fuller, I remember that I need God's favor .

    I have not forgotten to rescue and redeem , because is it it redeems to be free to rescue, so I is it take more enough you rescue and redeeming with what I spend to try.

    Then I plan to go to the counter to pay off my shopping bill, because I think I for all outfit , kind to go to implement God's wish.

    As I walk on the corridor, I have seen that pray, I can just put some into the basket , because I know when I walk in this world , perhaps I will get deeply stuck in it crime soon.

    Safe and the happiness is so abundant , their end end on the shelf , the song and praise are being hung nearby, so I just help oneself to take some.

    At that time, I say to an angel: ' now, how much should I pay? ' the angel has smiled again, and answer me and say: ' my child, God has already paid off all bills for you for a long time, a long time ago! '

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    The heaven grocery store I walk along the life road.

    Day I saw writes "the heaven grocery store" together advertisement.

    When I depend on nearer somewhat, the shop gate greatly opens, then, I

    discover the oneself station in the shop.

    I saw to a big crowd of angel, each place all has the angel the trace,

    gives an my basket, and said: "My child, discretely purchases the

    thing which you wants."

    Each person needs the thing, this is mixed in the store all to have,

    if you do not have the means to carry off the complete thing, will be

    allowed another day again to come back buys many.

    First, I have taken some patiences, loves with it abreast in row in

    the same place, the distant place puts is the pardon, regardless of

    you go toward where, you can need it.

    I have wanted two boxes of wisdoms, two bags of beliefs, I 絕 to

    cannot miss 聖神, because he fills the entire place.

    I stop round trip take some am strong and the courage, helps me to run

    this competition.

    On is more and more full in mine basket, I recall to mind me also to

    need the God kindness.

    I have not forgotten to redeem, because redeems is free, therefore I

    try to take some foot 夠 you redeeming which uses with me.

    Then I prepare the counter to pay in full my shopping bill, because I

    thought I already had all equipment, good implements the God wish.

    When I walk on the corridor, I saw the pray, I happen to may put some

    to the basket in, because I knew when I am in luck in this mortal

    world line, I am perhaps very quick can the depth in the evil.

    Safe and is joyful is like this rich, they on frame end, the singing

    sound and praise are hanging in neighbor, therefore I happen to help

    oneself to take some.

    The at that time, I said to an angel that, "The present, how much

    money should I pay?" The angel has smiled, and replied I said: "My

    child's, the God before is very long, very the long time, already for

    you pays in full the complete bill!"

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