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LAI asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫解釋一下英文單字 謝~

幫忙翻譯一下這些英文單字 每種意思都要喔 附加詞性^^ 另外要加造句喔~

造句也是要有翻譯的^^ 謝謝~

1. amateur

2. average

3. admit

4. beat

5. competitive

6. compete

7. dedication

8. extremely

9. immigrant

10. invitational

11. obvious

12. predict

13. practically

14. routine

15. reveals

16. strength

17. true to form

18. tournament

造句要加翻譯喔~~ 謝謝您!^^

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    1. amateur n. 業餘技藝家

    You are a professional, but I am an amateur.


    2. average

    n. 平均;一般 His work is above the average.他的作品在水準以上

    a. 平均的 the average temperature 平均氣溫

    v(及物). 平均 The exenses average ten dollars a day.一天平均費用十元

    3. admit

    v(及物) 認為 I admit the story to be ture.我認為故事是真實的

    4. beat

    v(及物). 連打;擊敗 We beat them by the score of 5 to 3.我們以五比三打敗他們

    v(不及物). (風雨)敲打;(心臟)跳動 My heart is beating fast.我的心跳很快

    5. competitive

    6. compete v(不及物). 競爭;匹敵

    Nobody can compete with him in speech.演講方面沒人能與他匹敵

    7. dedication n. 獻身;奉獻

    dedicate v(及物). 奉獻 He dedicated his life to peace.他獻身從事和平工作

    8. extremely ad. 極端的

    extreme n. 極端 He is apt to go to extremes.他很容易走極端

    9. immigrant n. 移民 European ummigrants in America.歐州移入美州的移民

    10. invitational n. 招待 Formal invitations are written or printed.正式的請帖是用書寫或印刷的

    11. obvious a. 明白的 It is odvious that he was murdered.顯然他是被謀殺的

    12. predict v(及物). 預言

    Some scients predict that there will be a great earthquake in the near future.


    13. practically ad.實際地;幾乎

    The work is practically finished.那工作幾乎可以說完成了

    14. routine n. 例行公事

    I am tired of my daily routine.我對每天的例行公事感到厭煩

    15.reveals v(及物). 顯露 He revealed a talent for music.他顯露出音樂天份

    16. strength n. 強固 He is a man of great strength.他是一個很有力氣的人

    17. true to form

    18. tournament n. 比賽 He took part in the tennis tournament.他參加網球比賽

    2006-01-23 11:50:04 補充:

    17. true to form ph.一如往常

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  • 宗琴
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    1 decade ago

    1. amateur [名詞] 藝術(科學或 運動)的從事者

    Our actors were all enthusiastic amateurs.


    2. average [名詞] 平均數

    An average of two students are absent each day.


    3. admit [動詞]承認

    I admitted breaking the window.


    4. beat [動詞] 打.擊

    He beat his brother for lying.


    5. competitive [形容詞]好競爭的.競爭性的

    A competitive person loves to win and hates to lose.


    6. compete [動詞]

    We can compete with the best teams.


    7. dedication [名詞]專心致力~ 奉獻

    His dedication to teaching gained the respect of his colleagues.


    8. extremely[形容詞] 非常

    We got on extremely well.


    9. immigrant [名詞] (外來)移民,僑民[C]

    Canada has many immigrants from Europe.


    10. invitational[形容詞] (僅限於被)邀請的

    Some invitational guest are absent.


    11. obviousa [形容詞] 明顯的;顯著的[(+to)][+that]

    It was quite obvious that she was not going home.


    12. predict [動詞] 預言;預料;預報[+that][+wh-]

    He predicted that an earthquake was imminent.


    13. practically [副詞] 幾乎,差不多

    The town was practically deserted.


    14. routine [名詞] 例行公事;日常工作;慣例;慣常的程序[U][C]

    As soon as she learns the office routine she will be an excellent assistant.


    15. reveal [動詞] 展現,顯露出

    Little by little he revealed his ambitions.


    16. strength [名詞] 力,力量,力氣;實力;效力[U]

    The medicine has lost its strength.


    17. true to form [片語]一如往常

    True to form, he arrived late.


    18. tournament [名詞]比賽;錦標賽;聯賽

    Our team won the championship in the basketball tournament.


    Source(s): me & 眼睛博士
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