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technologies such as instant messaging, cell phones, electronic mail, and voice mail are making businesspeople easily accessible at any time of day or night, at work and at a home.

What kind of impact might frequent intrusions have on their professional and personal lives?

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    The impact will be that a great deal of personal and professional information is publicly accessible once the security machanism is compromised. The most obvious example is that their credit card information, confidential information of their clients, or even information about immoral conducts of theirs can be used against them. Victims can lose anything ranging from tangible properties (such as their house and car) to the intangible ones(such as company trade secret and hance their jobs or even loved ones.) So the victims or people under threats alike will live constantly in fear if they do not have robust information infrastructure in place to protect illegal intrusions.

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    請插入ones.) 和 So..中間The emergence of various electronic communications channels has facilitated our conventional way of living. As we rely more and more on this kind of living, the amount of our personal data being transmitted grows significantly.

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