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    Don't bypass any inlerlocks which safety related, such as smoking detector(for fire alarm), EMO(emergency machine off), high voltage interlocks, radiation protection, toxic gas sensor,etc. There are too many safety related designs in semiconductor equipments. If you don't bypass any interlocks in the equipments that would prevent people from injuring even death;overall, it would provide you a safer working environment.


    There are two common reasons.

    1. Operator errors: People ( engineers, operators, technicians) who work on the equipments, but they don't have enough training. Sometimes, they operate the equipments without well-trained people beside that will be easy to cause system failed.

    2. Devices errors: Devices( motors, power supplys, gas, air, water, circuits...) failed will cause system failed,too. That is why we need to perform an adequate maintenance procedure regularly. However, those devices have their own lifetime even in a normal condition.


    安全性( safety)-->Safety related.

    可靠性(reliability)-->How many errors(or defects) are generated by doing same testing or operation. Higher failure rate leads to poor reliability.

    I am sorry. I don't quite understand your questions for this one.


    Every equipment has its own features and purposes. The precaution must be performed depends on your equipment models and your operation. Briefly, you need to attend training calsses and listen to your tutors. Then, follow the " two persons rule" and " thinking before doing."

    Source(s): I am a vendor of semiconductor equipment company.
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