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我要 50-CENT 的糖果屋歌詞~


Candy Shop ~~~我喜歡~~~呵呵~~~

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    Welcome to the Candy Shop歡迎光臨糖果屋[Intro: 50 Cent] Yeah... 耶Uh huh 嗯嗯So seductive 真誘人 [Chorus: 50 Cent & Olivia] [50 Cent] I take you to the candy shop歡迎來到糖果屋I'll let you lick the lollypop讓妳舔舔棒棒糖 Go 'head girl, don't you stop來吧 女孩 不要停 Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah)盡情享受 直到銷魂 [Olivia] I'll take you to the candy shop歡迎來到糖果屋 Boy one taste of what I got 男孩 嚐嚐我的滋味I'll have you spending all you got 我要操到你精疲力竭Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah) 盡情享受 直到銷魂[Verse 1: 50 Cent] You can have it your way, how do you want it你可以隨心所欲 愛怎樣就怎樣 You gon' back that thing up or should i push up on it妳身軀貼緊我 還是讓我迎合妳 Temperature rising, okay lets go to the next level溫度升高 我們進行到下一壘吧Dance floor jam packed, hot as a teakettle舞池裡人山人海 熱的像滾燙的茶壺 I'll break it down for you now, baby it's simple我為妳臣服 寶貝 這輕而易舉If you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho 如果妳心猿意馬 我也會血脈賁張In the hotel or in the back of the rental在飯店 或 租來的車後座 On the beach or in the park, it's whatever you into 沙灘上 或 公園裡 在哪裡親熱都可以Got the magic stick, I'm the love doctor魔杖一揮 我化身愛情博士 Have your friends teasin you 'bout how sprung I gotcha朋友取笑妳被我迷的神魂顛倒 Wanna show me how you work it baby, no problem向我展現妳的魅力吧 寶貝 沒問題 Get on top then get to bouncing round like a low rider靠緊我 盡情擺動腰肢 就像彈跳車車震 I'm a seasons vet when it come to this *****我是身經百戰的情場老將 凡事都難不倒我 After you broke up a sweat you can play with the stick等妳香汗淋漓 再賞妳個棒棒糖 I'm tryin to explain baby the best way I can我會卯盡全力讓妳滿意I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands (ha ha) 我就像蜜糖 只溶妳口 不溶妳手....完整中英文歌詞請見:http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/?qid=110507...

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