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英文單字造句(20點) 急

幫我造句  60句  拜託囉  雖然很多ˊˋ..

1. back

2. ask

3. bad

4. card

5. easy

6. all

7. bell

8. bike

9. big

10. brother

11. buy

12. call

13. candy

14. cloudy

15. clean

16. coat

17. coffee

18. coke

19. cold

20. cool

21. cry

22. cute

23. dance

24. dear

25. dirty

26. drink

27. draw

28. end

29. eleven

30. fast

31. father

32. feel

33. fire

34. food

35. from

36. fries

37. fet 

38. give

39. help

40. jacket 

41. here

42. her

43. his 

44. him

45. home

46. hot

47. house

48. how

49. hungry

50. jump

51. job

52. know

53. map

54. old

55. let

56. love

57. long

58. late

59. learm

60. now


對不起  打錯了...

37. fet  不是...

是  fourteen

Update 2:

天哪@@" ...

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    1.what time are you going back to school?

    2.please do not ask someone to do your English homework

    3.this is bad to ask someone to do the homework for you

    4.how many credit card you have?

    5.it's not easy to do someone else's homework

    6.I need to answer all your 60 questions to get your 20 points

    7.the bell is ringing

    8.how many bike you have?

    9.this is a big job to do

    10.you should ask your brother to help your homework

    11.maybe you can buy this from that shop as well

    12.please call back

    13.there only one candy in the bag

    14.it's cloudy today

    15.please clean up your room

    16.remember to bring your rain coat with you

    17.coffee or tea please

    18.I like to drink coke more than fruit juice

    19.it's cold today

    20.it's not cool to ask someone to do homework for you

    21.she is crying

    22.there's a cute girl in front of the shop

    23.shall we dance?

    24.oh, dear, I'm kind of tired.

    25.his room is dirty

    26.would you like a drink?

    27.please draw a line for me

    28.there's no end if you go this way

    29.have you been to 7-eleven?

    30.how fast can it be?

    31.are you sure that was your father?

    32.I feel not good to do homework for someone

    33.the fire rescue team is coming

    34.do not eat junk food

    35.where are you come from

    36.I like French fries very much

    37.fet 不知道 你確定是這個字嗎?

    38.please give me this

    39.do you need help?

    40.please wear jacket when you go out

    41.please come here

    42.do you remember her?

    43.his brother is coming

    44.don't give this to him

    45.E.T go home

    46.it's hot today

    47.the house out there is huge

    48.how many car do you have?

    49.I'm hungry

    50.how far can you jump

    51.I don't like this job

    52.I know you are not hardworking

    53.look the map over there

    54.how old are you?

    55.please let this finish

    56.I love you very much

    57.the movie was long

    58.it's too late to go now

    59.you should learn(learm) to do the work yourself

    60.I think I'd get the 20 points now.

    2006-01-21 11:58:11 補充:

    21.訂正為 cry doesn't make any help to this.

    2006-01-22 07:32:13 補充:

    37.Fourteen: I'm turning fourteen years old

    Source(s): 我自己
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    1. I'll be back in Taiwan on the 13th. 2. Can I ask you a question?

    3. He is in bad mood today. 4. She gave a birthday card.

    5. He thought the exam was very easy. 6. We were all dancing.

    7. The bell is ringing. 8. I ride my bike to school every day.

    9. come from a big family. 10.My brother lives on campus.

    11. I went to the shop to buy some milk. 12.Don't forget to call me tonight.

    13. I sent a box of candy to Kevin. 14. When it is cloudy, there are clouds in

    the sky.

    15. You should try to keep the kitchen a bit cleaner.

    16. Because it is cold today, I wear a coat. 17. Would you like a cup of coffee?

    18. Coke is my favorite drink. 19. The nights are getting colder now.

    20. She seemed cool and confident. 21. My baby brother cries all the time.

    22. The baby is so cute. 23. She's dancing with Steven.

    24. He's one of my dearest friends. 25. You really should wash your dirty

    clothes more often.

    26. He was drinking a glass of milk. 27. She drew a picture of a tree.

    28. I'll pay you at the end of next month. 29. I have eleven shoes.

    30. You'll have to act fast. 31. My father is a kind person.

    32. Are you feeling better now? 33. The kitchen is on fire.

    34. His favorite food is pizza. 35. I come from Taiwan.

    36.A hamburger and regular fries, please.

    37. fet(好像沒這個字耶!fat→The doctor told him to stay away from fat foods.

    fit→These trousers don't fit any more.)

    38. Please give me a hand. 39. Shall I help you to set the table?

    40. My mother bought me a jacket. 41. How long have you been here?


    2006-01-21 12:10:55 補充:

    42. Have you seen her?

    43. It's not his fault. 

    44. I don't blame him.

    45. He left home when he was


    46. I'm too hot in this


    47. We went to my aunt's

    house for dinner.

    48. How old are you?

    49. I am so hungry.

    50. They jumped into the


    2006-01-21 12:19:42 補充:

    51.My job is a student.

    52.I don't know who she is.

    53.He can't read a map.

    54.How old are you?

    55.Let's go.

    56.I love my parents.

    57.How long the film is?

    58.I am late for work.


    →I'm learning to play

    the piano.

    60.Do you know where John


    Source(s): Cambridge dictionary & myself
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    2006-01-21 11:41:41 補充:

    1. back:Joan and I walked back to the college.(我和瓊安步行回到學校。)

    2. ask:She asked him his name.(她問他叫什麼。)

    3. bad:The weather was really bad.(天氣真糟。)

    4. card:He came over to chat and play cards.(他過來聊天,打牌。)

    5. easy:This new dancing looked easy.(這種新式舞看起來很容易。)

    6. all:He was all excited.(他萬分激動。)

    7. bell:He awoke to the ringing of an electric bell.(他隨著一陣電鈴的響聲醒來。)

    8. bike:He goes to school by bike.(他騎腳踏車上學。)

    9. big:How big the birthday cake is!(這生日蛋糕好大呀!)

    10. brother:You mean the Warton brothers?(你是說沃頓兄弟?)

    11. buy:They usually buy with credit cards.他們通常用信用卡購物。

    12. call:He called the waitress over.他將服務小姐叫了過去。

    13. candy:You eat too much candy. It's bad for your teeth.你糖吃得太多了。這對你的牙齒不好。

    14. cloudy:The sky was cloudy, so I took my umbrella.天陰,所以我帶了把傘。

    15. clean:She was cleaning the bedroom when he called her.他給她打電話時她正在打掃臥房。

    16. coat:The dog has a long and shaggy coat.這條狗長著一身長長的蓬鬆的毛。

    17. coffee:Two coffees, please.請來兩杯咖啡。

    18. coke:How about having some coke?要不要喝點可樂?

    19. cold:Would you like a cold drink?你要不要喝杯冷飲?

    20. cool:Be cool. Everything will be all right.冷靜一點,一切都會沒問題的。

    21. cry:He cried over his wife's death.他為妻子的去世而哭泣。

    22. cute:She wore a cute dress.她穿了一件漂亮的衣服。

    23. dance:The villagers danced in the open.村民們在露天跳舞。

    24. dear:She spoke of me as her dearest friend.她說我是她最親愛的朋友。

    25. dirty:His mother scolded him for getting his clothes dirty.他媽媽因他弄髒了衣服而責罵他。

    26. drink:You shouldn't drink and drive.你不應該喝酒開車。

    27. draw:I'll draw some money from my account.我要提取一些存款。

    28. end:There is no end to his grumbles.他的抱怨沒完沒了。

    29. eleven:There are eleven roses in the vase.(那花瓶裡有11朵玫瑰)

    30. fast:My watch is three minutes fast.我的錶快三分鐘。

    31. father:You have been like a father to me.你一直像父親一樣待我。

    32. feel:I can't feel where the light switch is.我摸不出電燈開關在哪裡。

    33. fire:Do you know horses are afraid of fire?你知道馬怕火嗎?

    34. food:Milk is the natural food for babies.牛奶是嬰孩的天然食品。


    2006-01-21 11:44:31 補充:




    59. learm:●沒有這個字= = |||

    我推斷是learn:My brother is learning English now.我的弟弟正在學英語。

    60. now: Go now or you'll be late.你得馬上走,不然就要遲到了。

    2006-01-21 11:45:52 補充:



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