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美麗的KAYO您好: 不好意思.我日文學的不完全讓您聽不懂.請見諒

我要說的是.我出發到東京的時間是2月4日.抵達時間是日本的下午16:45分.如果您有空的話.希望您能到第一航廈出口大廳接我.謝謝您 (航空班次是:國泰航空CX-450)






準備帶我去哪裡了嗎? 希望我可以再東京留下非常美好的回憶.謝謝您! 興中

P.S: KAYO 請您收到信後.能回寄給我讓我知道.謝謝!

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    To my most beautiful Kayo:

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my poor Japanese last time. You must had a hard time trying to understand me!

    I would like to let you know that I will be leaving for Tokyo on 4th of February, and will arrive at the airport on 4.45pm. If you are free, would you mind picking me up at 1st gate? My flight number is Cathay Pacific CX-450. Your kindness would be deeply appreciated.

    By the way, I have planned to stay in Japan for five days between 4th to 8th. Nevertheless I would like to extend the stay for two more days till 10th so that I will be able to hang around and spend more time with you. You know, it is so hard to see you and I would like to practice my Japanese as well so we can understand each other better. Of course, if it is not convenient for you to take days off your work then I'll keep to my original itinerary.

    The hotel I am staying at is called Shinagawa Prince Hotel (New Tower). I have only booked for two nights for 4th and 5th. Would it be alright if I can stay at your place for the remainder of my stay? I don't have a lot of spare money to buy omiyage, if you know what I mean :) I can sleep on the floor in the living room or anywhere, please don't feel obliged that you have to prepare a room for me! I am so looking forward to do some cooking for you at your kitchen and I swear to god that you will have the best food in the world ever, made with my full affection~, and I am looking forward to learning Japanese everyday from you too..

    Of course, I will pay you rent if you really do find it inconvenient for me to stay at your place. Otherwise, I will continue to stay at the hotel.

    Have you thought about where you might bring me to? I sincerely hope that this trip to Tokyo will leave a long lasting beautiful memory for both of us~

    Thank you in advance

    Xin Zhong

    P.S.: Would it be alright if you can reply to me as soon as you have received this letter? thanks!

    2006-01-21 07:20:07 補充:

    yeah, "have you thought about where you might take me to?" does sound better, thanks :)

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    Have you thought about where you might bring me to?


    have you thought about where to take me to?

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    australia boy~ 不會錯ㄉ! 

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