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    Journey[00:11.63]It's a long long journey[00:17.24]Till I know where I'm supposed to be[00:23.57]It's a long long journey[00:29.03]And I don't know if I can believe[00:35.31]When shadows fall and block my eyes[00:40.92]I am lost and know that I must hide[00:47.22]It's a long long journey[00:52.69]Till I find my way home to you[00:59.42]Many days I've spent[01:04.68]Drifting on through empty shores[01:10.52]Wondering what's my purpose[01:16.18]Wondering how to make me strong[01:22.40]I know I will falter I know I will cry[01:27.77]I know you'll be standing by my side[01:34.06]It's a long long journey[01:39.34]And I need to be close to you[01:46.16]Sometimes it feels no one understands[01:52.02]I don't even know why I do the things I do[01:57.99]When pride builds me up till I can't see my soul[02:04.06]Will you break down these walls and pull me through?[02:17.80]Cause It's a long long journey[02:25.00]Till I feel that I am worth the price[02:30.99]You paid for me on calvary[02:36.93]Beneath those stormy skies[02:42.89]When Satan mocks and friends turn to foes[02:47.83]It feel like everything is out to make me lose control[02:57.87]Cause It's a long long journey[03:05.77]Till I find my way home to you. to you中文翻譯:這是一段很長很長的旅程直到我找到我的容身之處這是一段很長很長的旅程而我不知道是否能相信當陰影落下阻擋了我的視線我失敗了並且明白我必須躲藏這是一段很長很長的旅程直到我找到回家的路 走向你我曾用盡了許多日子來回漂流在無人的岸邊疑惑著我的目的是什麼疑惑著如何使自己更堅強我知道我將會變的脆弱 我將會哭泣我知道你將會站在我的身邊這是一段很長很長的旅程而我需要更向你靠近有時候這種感覺沒有人能了解我不知道為何我做了這些事當驕傲像高牆般將我拱起 直到我看不到自己的靈魂你是否會拉著我穿越過這高牆因為這是一段很長很長的旅程直到我覺得我是值得那代價的而你給了我基督受難像在這暴雨狂風的天空下當魔鬼嘲弄著我 朋友一個個變成敵人感覺就像每件事使我失去控制這是一段很長很長的旅程直到我找到回家的路 走向你 走向你

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    (張韶涵的 journey)

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