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ACD foto canvas 如何使用 ?

ACD foto canvas 有何功能, 如何使用 ?

ACD foto canvas 有何功能, 如何使用 ?

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    ACDSee PowerPack包含了本公司最受欢迎的三个软件产品:ACDSee、Foto-Canvas(图片编辑)、FotoSlate(图片打印)。7.0版特点:更加快速地获取、组织、浏览和管理图片;更多图片批处理功能可节省你的时间;使用SendPix-ACD免费在线图片共享服务(现在支持mobile phone)可立刻分享你的相册

    ACDSEE的Photo Enhancer(现在叫Foto Canvas):

    ACD Photo Enhancer - ACDSee provides a number of frequently used image manipulation tools including: brightness, contract, hue, saturation, negative, crop, blur, sharpen, emboss, and image rotation. Image Viewing - As an image viewer, ACDSee stands unsurpassed in its ability to quickly decode and display images. View, browse, and search ...

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