XScreenSaver display”:0.0” Err

Warning: The XScreenSaver daemon doesn\'t seem to be running on display \":0.0\".

執行螢幕保護程式的時候出線上面的警告訊息, 不知道這邊會不會有人知道如何排除這個錯誤?可以讓螢幕保護做動?

硬體: ThinkPad X30

OS: FreeBSD relaxbsd 6.0-STABLE

Xwin: GNOME 2.10.0


嘿!注意看!我的 OS 是 FreeBSD 並不是 Windows

我用的桌面系統是 XWindow 中的 GNOME


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    When I'm logged in as root, xscreensaver won't launch

    at all!

    Don't log in as root.

    As described above, xscreensaver disavows

    its privileges if it finds that it is running as root, for security

    reasons. An unfortunate side-effect of this is that it may conflict with

    cookie-based authentication.

    If the X server is running as one user (e.g., ``root'') and

    xscreensaver is running as another user (e.g., ``nobody'') then

    the xscreensaver process might not be allowed to connect to the X

    display at all, since it isn't running as the same user.

    One way around this is to run the command

    xhost +localhost

    before launching xscreensaver.

    But beware! This will give access to the X server to anyone capable of

    logging in to the local machine, and in some environments, that could be

    considered an unacceptable security risk.

    This is discussed in more detail in the

    ``Using XDM'' section of

    the xscreensaver manual.

  • 1 decade ago

    我直覺想到,沒有daemon 就開一個給他!!


    or you should try


    另外,不要用root 登入GUI ....

  • 電腦維修員:我們已收到您的問題第一步驟:在桌面按右鍵然後按內容再按螢幕保護程式如果不行代表你的電腦理的資料都亂了需要拿去給維修員檢查

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