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中翻英或自由發揮 一小段 **20點 (急)

In your own words, explain what the declaration is asking for in at least five sentences.

以上這是題目,我需要用至少5句英文來回答。 >< 可是英文不好不會寫,所以大概用中文寫出來,但不一定要翻我寫的,能自由發揮更好!! 希望高手可以幫幫忙! 謝謝!!!! If there are better ways to answer or explain the question, please do correct me or help me to improve this paragragh, because it sounds very repetitive i know >< 可是不知道還能寫什麼... please help.. thank you very very very much!!

獨立宣言是在要求讓美國13個殖民地能夠獨立自主。在經過英國政府無理的欺壓下所提出的抗議與請願書。它們為美國人民要求人權,自由,與國家獨立。同時也列出了英國政府如何欺壓他們的種種事項。獨立宣言要求的是讓美國能成為一個獨立,自主,自由的國家(become Independent states)。給與人民自由(rights of freedom)與平等人權。

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    (The request of Declaration of Independence is to make the thirteen colonies of America be independent and liberal.)


    (Through the irrational oppressions of England government,they raise protest and demonstration.)


    (They request for human rights for American civilians,liberty and national independence.)


    (At the same time,they also list every things that how England government oppress them.)

    獨立宣言要求的是讓美國能成為一個獨立,自主,自由的國家(become Independent states)。

    (The request of Declaration of Independence is to let America become a independent,liberal and free country.)

    給與人民自由(rights of freedom)與平等人權。

    (Give humans rights of freedom and liberty.)


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