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Do you use one set of behavioral standards for all areas of your life, or do you use several—depending on where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing? Are you essentially the same person using the same standards at work and home, with clients and family members, while playing ball or helping at church? Do you believe it’s possible and desirable to use just one standard in every area of like? Explain.








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    In society, we interact with different people, everyday.

    Spending time with children is different from respected senior citizens.

    It all depends on how much you know the people you are dealing with,

    and also the person's background.

    For example, it is fine to play jokes with family members, but if the same

    thing is done with a direct manager at work, then the person's job is at risk.

    Dealing with clients one must look and present themself professional, but

    church is again different, where concentration and faith is needed.

    It all depends on where you are, and who you are dealing with.

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    I use several behavioral standards for different things. It depends on what I do, who I talk to and when I will do. All our life could face or happen to meet many unexpected things. When I deal with everything I will see what standard it should be used.

    Source(s): That's my point of view.
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    您使用一套關於行為的標準為您的生活所有區域, 或您使用幾依靠您是的地方, 誰您是與, 或您做什麼? 根本上是您同樣人使用同樣標準在工作和家庭, 以客戶和家庭成員, 當演奏球或幫助在教會? 您是相信它可能和中意使用一個標準在每個區域像嗎? 解釋。


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