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我要Smashing Pumpkins的歌詞!!麻煩拉~~~




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Greatest Hits 英語2001-10A1.SivaA2.RhinocerosA3.DrownA4.Cherub RockA5.TodayA6.DisarmA7.LandslideA8.Bullet With Butterfly WingsA9.1979A10.ZeroA11.Tonight TonightA12.EyeA13.Ava AdoreA14.PerfectA15.Everlasting GazeA16.Stand Inside Your LoveA17.Real LoveA18.UntitledB1.Lucky 13B2.Aeroplane Flies HighB3.Because You AreB4.Slow DawnB5.BelieveB6.My MistakeB7.Marquis In SpadesB8.Here's To The Atom BombB9.SparrowB10.WaitingB11.SaturnineB12.Rock OnB13.Set The Ray To JerryB14.WinterlongB15.Soot And StarsB16.Blissed And Gone觀看歌詞 Machina:The Machines Of God 英語2000-021.The Everlasting Gaze2.Raindrops+Sunshowers3.Stand Inside Your Love4.I Of The Mourning5.The Sacred And Profane6.Try Try Try7.Heavy Metal Machine8.This Time9.The Imploding Voice10.Glass And The Ghost Children11.Wound12.The Crying Tree Of Mercury13.With Every Light14.Blue Skies Bring Tears15.Age Of Innocence觀看歌詞 The Smashing Pumpkins 91-98 英語1999-121.Disarm2.Bullet With Butterfly Wings3.Ava Adore4.19795.Landslide6.Cherub Rock7.I Am One8.Perfect9.Today10.Tonight Tonight11.Mayonaise12.Siva13.Eye14.Zero15.Pug16.Drown17.Thirty-Three18.Rhinoceros觀看歌詞 Adore 英語1998-06A1.To SheilaA2.Ava AdoreA3.PerfectA4.Daphne DescendsA5.Once Upon A TimeA6.TearA7.CrestfallenA8.Appels+OranjesA9.PugA10.The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol PeteA11.Annie-DogA12.ShameA13.Behold The Night MareA14.For MarthaA15.Blank PageA16.17P1.Once In A While觀看歌詞 Aeroplane Flies High 英語1996-11A1.Bullet With Butterfly WingsA2.Said SadlyA3.You're All I've Got TonightA4.ClonesA5.A Night Like ThisA6.DestinationA7.DreamingB1.1979B2.UglyB3.BelieveB4.CherryB5.The BoyB6.Set The Ray To JerryC1.ZeroC2.GodC3.Mouths Of BabesC4.Tribute To JohnnyC5.Marquis In SpadesC6.PenniesC7.Pastichio MedleyD1.Tonight TonightD2.Meladori MagpieD3.Rotten ApplesD4.Medellia Of The Grey SkiesD5.Jupiter's LamentD6.BlankD7.Tonite RepriseE1.Thirty-ThreeE2.The Last SongE3.The Aeroplane Flies HighE4.TransformerE5.The BellsE6.My Blue Heaven觀看歌詞

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  • 1 decade ago

    The pumpkins rock!!! Good on ya mate! Rock on buddy!

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