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    Carol: She's a clever and matured girl. She's been doing well in speaking but needs improvement in her writing skills. She'll improve tremendously if she can put in more effort and speak lesser in class.

    Selina: She's an obedient and understanding girl, well-mannered and hard working, but she doesn't have confidence to speak English. I hope she can be more confident, and with more practice, she will be able to improve.

    Sherry: He always pays attention in class, and he's progressed a lot with his writing skills. He's initiative in asking questions if he's unsure about anything. He'll progress even more if he can practice more on oral part.

    Alio: He pays attention in class, and his English is in fact quite good. But he makes silly mistakes in homeworks. He can only improve if he puts in more effort.

    Jeremy: I see his progress this term and he's attentive in answering questions in class. He's understanding but he gets distracted by classmates easily. He'll improve further if he pays more attention and do more exercises.

    Kyle: His English is good, but he's lack of motivation to learn maybe because he's learnt those things before. If he can treat it as a revision, he won't forget in the future. He speaks too much in class and it disturbs the class. Hope he can put in more effort as he go on.

    Candy: His English is much better now than when he just started, but I still feel that he's not doing enough excercises. He didn't do well in the recent few spelling tests. He can do better if he do more exercises and put in more effort.

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    Carol: He is a clever and early-maturing girl student、the one that always behave in speaking is very good、but remain to strengthen in writing. Hope him a bit more diligently、there are a bit less what、can progress a lot ! Selina: He is a clever and sensible good girl、always very courteous to the teacher、study attentively very too、but he speak English very much and self-confidently、hope he can train some confidence more、unless it is and the much practise a bit、will the getting more progressive further.. Sherry: It is always very conscientiously that he has a class、very diligently、and his writing respect progresses a lot、there are places not understood that will ask a teacher voluntarily 、will hope that he can practise more parts of speaking too、will just just progress even more Alio: His English degree is good、has a class too very conscientiously 、but the homework does not often go to write diligently enough 、there are many mistakes. Unless it hope can multi-purpose pastry in he、do more exercise of、could progress to some extent.. Jeremy: He is a very sensible boy. This term I obviously finds out that he is progressing constantly、the desire to excel is strong and glad to answer the teacher's question too、but often influenced by classmates but divert one's attention、hope that it is a bit more attentive that he can have a class 、do more exercising、he can progress more even more certainly Kyle: English of him very outstanding、but he very glad to study、have a lot of thing on he already can perhaps ,Hope that he can regard these things as reviewing 、it will be more difficult to forget afterwards. He is very often noisy when having a class、talk 、influence the teacher and classmate and give a lesson. Hope he has grow up gradually 、want multi-purpose pastry is it study to go 、could is it hope to progress constantly Candy:

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    Much 、but still think the he one English exercise where he make too much progressing when being than at the beginning.. Have not recited the familiar achievement not very ideal either in the

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    single character tests of several times recently. Hope that he can practise more more 、some multi-purpose hearts 、the hope that he can be better

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