poison樂團的Fallen Angel歌詞!!!




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    4.Fallen AngelShe stepped off the bus out into the city streetsJust a small town girl with her whole lifePacked in a suitcase by her feetBut somehow the lights didn'tShine as bright as they didOn her mama's tv screenAnd the work seemed harderAnd the days seemed longerThan she ever thought they'd beBut you know you got to stick to your gunsWhen it all comes downCause sometimes you can't chooseIt's like heads they winTails you're gonna loseChorus:Win big--mama's fallen angelLose big--livin' out her liesWants it all--mama's fallen angelLose it all, rollin' the dice of her lifeNow she found herself in the fast lane livin' day to day Turned her back on her best friends, yeahAnd let her family slip awayJust like a lost soulCaught up in the hollywood sceneAll the parties and the limousinesSuch a good actress hiding all her painTrading her memories for fortune and fameJust a step away from the edge of a fallCaught between heaven and hellWhere's the girl i knew a year agoChorusToo much too soonOr just a little too lateCause when her ship came inShe wasn't there and it just wouldn't waitSolo, chorus out

    Source(s): 魔鏡歌詞網
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