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1. 一開始沒有任何人看好這個主題,因為大家都認為憑我們兩個學生要做出讓市場接受的高消費品牌是不可能的。有些教授力勸我們放棄,有些則在分數上給予不高的評價;這曾經讓我感到非常挫敗,但我已經蒐集相關的資料兩年多了,而這是我的夢想,我想實現它,不想輕言放棄。我開始說服我的partner 一起堅持下去,並且積極拜訪店家、到路上發放問卷、去圖書館翻閱書刊及簡報,用最完整的準備去說服之前不看好我們的教授們。到目前為止out team拿到很高的評價與名次,我們正積極的籌畫這個展覽,它將於今年展開為期一星期的展覽在台北展出。


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    1. A beginning has no anyone to think to be good this topic, because everyone thinks with us two students wanting to do to offer for sale the high consumption brand that the market accepts to is impossible.Some professors beseech us to give up, somes give on the score not high evaluation;This has ever let me feel very setback, but I had already collected the related data to have another for two years, and this is my dream, I wanted to carry out it, don't wanting to speak lightly to give up.I start persuading my partner to insist together bottom go to, and visit the store house actively,go to the on the road to issue the questionnaire and go to the library to browse the books and periodicals and briefing, Use most completely and don't think to be good our the professors before fixing to go the persuasion.So far the out team takes the very high evaluation and the position, we are raising to draw this exhibition actively, it will launch the 1- week exhibition to exhibitmidnight in Taipei in this year.

    2.This technical ability can help me to combine the Chinese painting technique that I have already had to do after absorbing the western knowledge and technique a combine creatively

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