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No Fear to fall全職殺手裡面的一首歌

No Fear to fall我想要知道這首歌的歌詞還有唱這首歌的人他的資料謝謝大家

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    演唱者 Marni and the Men歌詞 VERSE


    When I look into your eyes

    I can feel my heartbeat race a thousand times

    Cause I know I finally found the love of my life

    I can see my hopes and dreams collide

    In your eyes


    Now I can fly with no fear to fall

    Cause in your arms is where I know I'll always belong

    Just let the world keep spinning round without us for tonight

    And all the moments of our lives



    We could just stare at the sky

    Enjoy the silence if the kids gave us the time

    Faint sound of barking dogs echoes in the air

    And the sun gives way to evening moon

    And we"re still lying there




    When I look into your eyes I can see the story of the rest of our lives

    And as each page turns by the words just seem so right

    All the dreams I'm thinking of tonight

    Are in your eyes


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