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。急件。20點 請英文好的大大幫忙改一下

急件~這篇是自己打的 請大大幫忙訂正錯誤。。20點 謝謝

On the day of wedding, the people in nearly the whole village assemble in the church on the hill. They all bless this pair of newlyweds sincerely, but when the bride appears on another end of the carpet, all people are wooden, the bride\'s full dress is not white, it is dyed into red by bride\'s blood on hand. Looking at the injured bride, though the bridegroom try to prevails over all dissenting views to want to marry her, but all of the husband’s family is insisting on breaking off an engagement. The girl got the tranquility that she wanted at last, because she is expel from her family and the whole village.

10 years, 20years, 40years…….

60 years later….. it is early when people gradual forgot this story, the girl still irrigates her forest quietly, though she youth no longer already, light step of fairy become heavy, pitch-black hair become white for a long time, face of youth was inscribed time line and scar by the times, one and one…and one, but the girl has not stopped yet. She is still to keep with the tree, and get back to the small thatched cottage which put up on the lakeside by herself until the darkness every day.

It was very lonely that the girl died, because the tree can’t look after her when she falls ill, ask the doctor for her to rescue her life, many guys in the villages cannot bear to see that, so they bury her under the tree in the lakeside.

Since that day, there is one more legend on the lakeside, no matter men and women, so long as can cross over that forest, and buried a seed with a vow under the tree, then the hope will come true. Certainly, the prerequisite is that the guy must be wholehearted.

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    1.nearly should be nearby


    3.though she youth no longer

    4.not right

    5.its in the window


    7.prevails should be prevail


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    3.though she youth no longer, not right,you have to rephrase it,like no longer youthful or smething,

    2006-01-18 17:40:57 補充:

    one and one…and one, : scarred by the times希望有幫到您.我盡力了

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