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我大五延畢中 有一個美國網友他知道我二三歲還沒大學畢業 覺得非常驚奇 還說在美國這樣的年紀有人已經讀到博士了 有可能嗎 他說的應該是天才兒童吧 難道美國都沒有延畢嗎?

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    In US, students graduate when they complete the credit or units with minimum required GPA. This does not necessarily mean that they graduate in four years. In Silicon Valley, many people go to school part-time for a degree and work full-time to earn their living. In such case, it can take five to six years to graduate. Some schools will require students to take minimum units so that they can graduate within a reasonable amount of time. However, it is seldom to hear students intentionally to graduate one or two years later. Most of the time students want to finish school as soon as possible unless there is unavoidable reason such as they cannot pass certain tests (English Proficiency test is one of the common test that students need to pass in order to graduate). No one wants to stay at school longer than they want because it costs money!!

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