social nonconformity何解?

social nonconformity這個名詞的中文如何解釋較貼切??它表示一種在社會性方面的不墨守成規,不知道有沒有到合適又簡短的中文名詞可以表示。請教大家,謝謝。



相反的,墨守成規所代表的固執、迂腐、因循、不知變通等負面意義,還比social nonconformity嚴重。social conformity 有安定的力量沒錯,但較不利於社會文化的進步,這裡的(其實是在我文章中)social nonconformity其實具有正面的意義(變革、和開創性等)。請朝這方面想,謝謝~

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    social nonconformity 的中文解釋:


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    There are three meanings for nonconformity:1 a : failure or refusal to conform to an established church b often capitalized : the movement or principles of English Protestant dissent c often capitalized : the body of English Nonconformists

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    2 : refusal to conform to an established or conventional creed, rule, or practice3 : absence of agreement or correspondenceIt appears that the second one, refusal to conform to an established or conventional creed, rule, or practice, might fit your article.

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    Actually, it’s a psychopathic term, rather controversial and debatable. This is not my field, so I am not sure if this is a well established terminology or not. However, I have read one article about personality in Chinese using this term as below:

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    Eysenck認為有三大人格向度:– 外向性 (Extraversion)– 神經質(Neuroticism)– 病態性或離經叛道性(psychoticism, nonconformity, or social deviance):不喜歡服從社會規範或習俗。(含隨和謙讓與認真盡責的特性)

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    The existing Chinese expressions often contain either positive or negative implication. If you check the list of adjectives, don’t be surprised that there are more negative ones than the positive ones, especially in the field or psychology and personality.

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    But if you want to give a more positive meaning, it would be difficult. How about 不羈性? It’s not positive enough but at least less negative and leaves some room for self development/assertion. What do you think?

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    如果說中國人有多講究群性﹐看看這裡﹐social conformity. 適應社會潮流和社會依從性, social nonconformity 如果不墨守成規就被打壓成離經叛道﹐難道沒有中間地帶﹖怎麼都沒有別的解答﹖就是樓上說的也挺可怕不是嗎﹖居然敢侈言變革、和開創性難道不怕被砍頭嗎﹖難難難﹗不知道您的文章是那方面的﹐舉例個性和社會適應的說法就有很大的出入﹐要找個全方位適用的詞還真費斟酌﹐突然想到老毛說的“跳出條條框框”就想不下去了﹐他的這個說法還真的列入字詞拼音裡呢。既然請出老毛﹐就跨過海峽去看看﹐看到簡體字的資料裡nonconformity是:非從眾,不一致和不符合﹐參考參考吧。

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    social nonconformity


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