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    Usually most children, to 2 at 0 years old It is aptest to see spirits between 3 years old! Some mothers say that their child does not stop talking with the air or the person not existing until 4 5 years old later.

    I have a personal experience ; I go to uncle's house to play when junior middle school such as me; Get up at midnight and find that my cousin has not slept yet , after I have observed for 5 minutes; The ones that found that he does not still stop outside the window waved; A style that as if say goodbye. I ask her every other day , she says: An elder sister played with A with me yesterday! So I believe very much that babies or the child are apt to see this legend of spirits!

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    哇哩嘞 文法大錯誤!=.= 亂七八糟!

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    不是我太挑~~時態不對~複數不對~句型架構不對~~用翻譯機翻的吧= =a

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