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扯某人的後腿是 pull one's leg嗎?? (聽以來很奇怪耶,好像是直接翻的感覺...)

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    2 decades ago
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    1) I am a 

    Ex: I'mma black womyn. → I am a black woman. (林祖媽我是黑查某哦)

    2) I am going to 

    Ex: I'mma die a hustla. → I am going to die a hustler.(死了都要撈)


    pull one's leg = to deceive someone playfully

    就是 "尋人開心",講好聽一點就是 "開玩笑"。跟 "扯後腿" 一點關係都沒有。

    Ex: "Look; your shoes are untied... Ha! Just pulling your leg."


    Source(s): 三腳貓 + 網路
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