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Netbuyer asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

Which means ?

The ground technicians found a serious problem with one of the engines, [which is why] the plane was delayed.

以上句子中 which is why 可用 which means 取代嗎 ? 若不可以, 請說明, 順便用 which means 造句參考.

謝謝啦 !

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  • 2 decades ago
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    這裏的 which is why 前面已經說了原因

    which means 是後面還有補充的連接詞


    Nowadays scores may mean how much money you will get, which means what love you will have.

    今時今日, 考試的分數可能是代表你可以賺多少錢, 即是你會得到什麼愛.

    這裏如果用which's why 就不對~因為what love you will have是因,不是果

    果/因2, which means 因1(補充因2)

    因, which is why 果

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    (翻譯) 用{which is why}→這就是為什麼飛機會誤點

      {which means}→意思就是飛機誤點

    ex. The teacher shook his head when I handed in the report, which meant I had to modify it again.


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  • 2 decades ago

    which means 和 which is why 不太一樣。

    which is why是說 前面提到的事情 是後面的原因。

    在例句中是說 引擎的問題,是飛機誤點的原因。

    which means 是說 前面提到的事情,意思是.......


    例如:They named the city Mexico, which means "the navel of the moon."



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