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莎士比亞(William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616)之喜劇~無事自優(Much Ado About Nothing)

題目: How does the "revenge" show in the play?



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    Claudio and Benedick, two noblemen, have just returned from a successful military campaign in Don Pedro's company. Leonato, the governor of Messina, welcomes them. He invites them to stay in Messina for a month. Claudio sets about winning the hand of Hero, Leonato's daughter. Meanwhile, Leonato's witty niece Beatrice engages in a "merry war of words" with her longtime adversary, Benedick.Claudio and Hero quickly become engaged, and their wedding is announced. Don Pedro and the rest decide to matchmake Benedick and Beatrice by duping them into love. Claudio, Leonato, and Don Pedro arrange for Benedick to eavesdrop on a conversation in which they discuss how Beatrice is secretly pining away for love of him. Tricked, Benedick resolves to "take pity" on Beatrice and reciprocate her love. Hero and her maid, Ursula, carry on a similar conversation within earshot of Beatrice. Immediately, she resolves to be kinder to Benedick.Don John, Don Pedro's illegitimate brother, wants to cause mischief by wrecking the happy couple's marriage. He convinces Hero's servant Margaret to dress up as her mistress and be seen in a rendezvous with his henchman, Borachio, at Hero's chamber window. He then arranges for Don Pedro and Claudio to oversee the act. Thinking Margaret was Hero, Claudio and company become convinced of her infidelity......

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