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    learn這個字是動詞用法,不過當其他字尾ex. learned, learning, learner與動詞結合後就會衍生出不同意思和詞性的字了

    詳細用法請看: :p

    learn 動詞

    verb learned or UK ALSO learnt, learned or UK ALSO learnt

    1 [I or T] to get knowledge or skill in a new subject or activity: 學習

    They learn Russian at school.

    "Can you drive?" "I'm learning."

    I've learned a lot about computers since I started work here.

    [+ to infinitive] I'm learning to play the piano.

    [+ question word + to infinitive] First you'll learn (how) to use this machine.

    2 [T] to make yourself remember a piece of writing by reading it or repeating it many times: 記住

    I don't know how actors manage to learn all those lines.

    We were told to learn Portia's speech by heart (= be able to say it from memory) for homework.

    3 [I or T] to start to understand that you must change the way you behave: 開始了解到你必須改變某種行為

    She'll have to learn that she can't have everything she wants.

    She soon learnt not to contradict him.

    He's not afraid to learn from his mistakes.

    4 [I or T] to be told facts or information that you did not know: 得知你原本不知道的消息或訊息

    We were all shocked to learn of his death.

    [+ (that)] I later learnt (that) the message had never arrived.

    I only learnt about the accident later.

    learned 形容詞 adjective SPECIALIZED

    describes behaviour which has been copied from others: 形容從別人身上學到的行為

    This sort of aggression is learned behaviour - people aren't born that way.

    learner 可數名詞

    noun [C]

    a person who is still learning something: 正在學習的人

    He's a quick learner.

    learning noun [U] 名詞

    1 the activity of obtaining knowledge: 學習知識本身的這個活動

    This technique makes learning fun.

    For the first month in her new job she was on a steep learning curve (= she learnt a lot quickly).

    2 knowledge obtained by study: 因為研讀而獲得的知識

    His friends praised his generosity, wit and learning.

    Source(s): 自己+cambridge dictionary
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  • 1 decade ago

    learn 是動詞



    =>She's a learned person.



    Source(s): 字典
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    Source(s): 老師說
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    learn 是動詞; learning 是名詞; 是學習的意思...

    Source(s): DoDo acknowledge
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