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在選課中猶豫不決是否要勾選Children’s Literature。因為文學兩個字讓我很困惑;心想文學的東西上起課來一定枯燥乏味,但有看到兒童兩個字又重新有想修這堂課的慾望。因為畢業後想往幼兒方面發展。

買了近600元的書看到裡面有許多有趣的故事覺得還蠻值得的。聽著老師說故事發現原來一篇編造的童話故事有許多值得深入探討的地方。也了解原來故事書分很多種類。例如 wordless books, toy books, pop-up books and so on.上課都會展示各樣式的故事書。原來現在的兒童書都設計的如此有特色精緻也更清楚wordless books, toy books, pop-up books 的不同。完全的推翻我對兒童書的印象。其中最喜歡的故事書種類是pop-up books and toy books. 我可以體會老師想要買書的衝動,因為老師在介紹同學所提供的故事書中的同時我也有強烈的想擁有一本。老師的小孩好幸福,有媽媽陪在身旁讀著有趣又好玩的故事書。

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    In the middle of selecting elective courses hesitant whether want to select the Children'the s Literature.make me very confused because of two words of literature;the thing that wish the literature up rise the lesson and come certainly tedious, but have already seen two words of child and have already wanted to take the desire of this lesson again.because of graduating after want go toward the infant aspect development.

    The book that bought near 600 dollars sees to inside have many interesting stories to feel still pretty worthy of of.hear the teacher to tell a story to find originally a the article draws up of the fairy tale has many worthy of go deep into the study of place.also understand originally a lot of categories of cent of the story book.for example the wordless books, the toy books, the pop-up books and so on.

    Having a class will display the story book of each style. originally current child's bookses all design of thus have the fine special features also more clear wordless books, the toy books, the dissimilarity of the pop-up books.completely overthrow the my impression for child's book.among them the most favorite story book category is the pop-up books and toy books.

    I can realize the impulse that the teacher wants to buy the book, because teacher at introduce the story book that the classmate provides in of in the meantime I also have the wanting of mightiness to own an origin.

    The good happiness of the teacher's kid, have mother to accompany by the side of body to read the interesting and divertive story book.

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