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Part Of Speech 的應用,請快速回帖

For example : ( 1).How ________(forget) I'm !

(2).究竟是1.did the (cooked)and prepared the food ,2. did the (cooking) andprepared the food 3. did the (cook) and prepared the food


Please answer (1) and (2)


For example : ( 1).How ________(forget) I'm !

This is Part Of Speech 的應用.

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    (1) How "forgetful" I'm ! 我多麼健忘阿!

    How+adj.+S+be. V 是一種固定用法 --> (某人)多麼地(怎樣)

    e.g. How handsome he is! 他多英俊阿!

    (2) 答案是2.

    "I did the (cooking) and prepared the food."

    意思是我做了烹飪, 也準備了食物

    cooking這邊當作名詞: 烹飪

    所以不會是cooked 因為前面的did已經是動詞過去式了

    也不會是第三cook 因為cook本身是動詞

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