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Bruce Sutter 憑什麼進名人堂?


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    Basically, his "dominance"

    He did not have the best ERA, the longevity of a career, or the stats. But according to some Hall of Fame voters, he was "dominating". Here is a passage:

    "We know great closers when we see them. Rollie Fingers was a great closer, a pitcher feared by opposing hitters, and so was Dennis Eckersley; they're both in the Hall of Fame. Sutter is nowhere near the all-time leaders in saves, and he didn't have a particularly long career, but in those seasons when he was dominant, he affected games long before he actually starting warming up. When the Cubs or the Cardinals had leads in the middle innings, the opposing hitters and managers were filled with these thoughts: Oh, no, Sutter is coming into the game. We're running out of time. They knew a great closer when they saw him."

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    節錄自蕃薯藤運動網的報導:Sutter成為史上第4位入主名人堂的後援投手,前3人分別是Hoyt Wilhelm(1985)、Rollie Fingers(1992)、Dennis Eckersley(2004)。不過與這3人不同的是,Sutter可算是純後援投手,因為他生涯從未先發過任何一場比賽。 Sutter在今年沒有超強競爭對手的情況下超越門檻並不令人意外,以最近3年的得票率來看更是如此:2004年為59.5%(301)、2005年則是66.7%(344)。而就歷史紀錄來看,只要有某一年得票率超過2/3的球員,最終都能入主名人堂,即便前15年的美國棒球作家協會票選未過,日後也會獲得名人堂資深委員會的青睞。Sutter大聯盟生涯始於1976年,1988年退休,黃金時代出現在1970年代末期與1980年代初期,可惜在1988年35歲的時候因受傷被迫提前宣布退休。12年總戰績為68勝71敗300救援,自責分率2.83,曾6度入選全明星賽,1976年國聯塞揚獎得主、並4次拿下象徵年度救援的Rolaids Relief獎。 Sutter處在大聯盟救援投手萌芽的時期,當時並不像現今的救援投手這麼專門化,Sutter常常得負擔超過1局的投球局數。生涯共有5個球季局數超過100局,有5個球季在80局以上,在1976-1985年間的單季投球局數更接近98局。 另外Sutter獲得票選者支持的原因之一在於他是快速指叉球的先驅者,由於該球種的使用搭配速球每每造成打者的混淆,因此成為現今許多投手的致勝球種。完整文章以及今年票選結果:〈MLB〉Bruce Sutter入主名人堂http://sports.yam.com/show.php?id=0000063456Bruce Sutter生涯成績:SEASON


    Career Totals68712.83661000300---1042.08793703287713309861

    Source(s): MLB.COM+蕃薯藤運動網
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