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麻煩各位大大了   請不要用軟體    謝謝~~1.      特採的原則2.      特採的原物料、外包加工品或成品對於安全性、公害性及重要機能不得有危害,且不致有售後抱怨之顧慮時。3.      對一般功能、商品價值之影響相當微小時4.      如合約有規定時,產品之特採需經客戶同意5.      成品之檢驗紀錄上標示特採,以便有問題時可以做適當之處理及追溯。成品經品管(保)單位檢驗不合格,但又急需使用時,在不影響產品使用功能和特性前提下得由業務單位提出特採申,並填寫申請單,送請相關單位查核。

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    1.        what very pick up's principle2.        what very pick up's original materiel, outside wrap artifact or finished goods towards safety, public hazard sex and important enginery can not have harm, and not likely to have sell behind complain zhi worry's time.3.        to ordinary function, commodity's value zhi affect equivalent to slight hour4.        be like agreement have stipulation's time, product zhi very pick up need by consumer agree to5.        finished goods zhi inspect indication's very pick up on record, so that have problem's time can make proper zhi dispose and cast back.Finished goods by article tube (protect) unit inspect not eligibility, but and exact usage's time, at not affect product use should by business unit bring up very pick up station under function and characteristic's premiss, and fill in apply single, give please relative to unit ta

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