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    它有Square one~four 還可以mp3下載 自己去看吧

    Square One Lyrics

    Buck 65-Square 1

    (Some mumbling…)

    Pretty soon the hippies of today, will be the squares of tomorrow

    It was the echoing voices of the old ones

    Through thick steeled forests and over scorched earth

    Always just out of reach

    A herder of crows judged my every footstep

    My bones were frozen

    Penniless and entirely out of breath

    I washed my beautiful hands in the black market dog water trough

    But through it all the real stick in my spokes

    Was the torment of my dreams

    I fought of sleep with both fists and sometimes fire

    With no more then a blow gun I made from an exhausted pen

    I shot the stars out of the sky

    When each one fell sparkling to the ground

    I made wishes that never came true

    Apparitions of angels with angry eyes

    Appeared at each new moon

    My own ghost be gain whispering

    Trees died if I tried to climb them

    The decision was made for me

    To begin interpreting real life just as I would nightmares

    (More mumbling…)


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