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了解到其實世界是很寬廣的 比起那些孤苦無依的人 我們是很幸運&幸福的了


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    Once the summer held the post of the world outlook the meeting the administration volunteer worker in 2000

    After helping to tidy up the data and the letter that receives the world everywhere the kid to send

    Understanding to go to in fact world is very widely compare with those alone and helpless have no to depend on of the person is very lucky&happy of

    Also let me be able to treat this world with the very different angle

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    Once summer held the post of the world forecast in 2000 to meet the

    administrative will labor As well as receives the letter after the

    help reorganization material which the world each place child mails,

    understood actually the world is very broad, compares person which

    these wretched not depends on, we were very lucky Also enables me to

    be allowed to use the dissimilar angle to regard this world very much.

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