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A big green smile

I would like to know...

1. the meaning of " a big green smile"

2. the difference between " make up one's mind" and " set one's mind" and their usage

Taking some examples is much better.

Thanksssss a lottt

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    Since you've asked in English, I hope you don't mind if I explain it in English as well (not convenient to load up my chinese software ^^)

    I think 'a big green smile' means a big youthful smile, since the green also means youthful, fresh, etc.

    E.g. The little girl over there gave me a big green smile when she saw me.

    "make up one's mind" means a person has decided to do something amongst all the options, and involves some sort of thinking process.

    E.g. He is yet to make up his mind about which car he should buy.

    "set one's mind" means a person has already decided to something from the word go, and all other options will be overlooked. It also means a person is being focused.

    E.g. She has already set her mind on where she wants to be in five year's time.

    I hope I'm of help to you :)


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    Thanks bud, appreciated your input :) I didn't even know about that, should read more books!

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    Hi Murry, I am pretty sure I've got it right.. at least I am confident that "make up one's mind" and "set one's mind" are correct. I sincerely hope that somebody can find a good example of the usage of "a big green smile"

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    so anyone else wanna say something or andwer my question?

    i really want to know the answer~~~

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    The colour green is not always associated with shy or first time, mate; as in (green-eyed monster) it is to do with jealousy.


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    No worries, feihong. Murry, sorry I am unable to help you here cos I have not heard such term as (a big green smile) before, but feihong did well on explaining the (make up ones mind) and (set ones mind)


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